Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Story Of My File Draft 1

Name: Lum Jia Hui
Draft 1

The Story Of My File

I bought a file 3 years ago, and I am still useing it now. I Reuse it as it is still clean and useable. My trusty file kept my homework nice and clean without any bends at the corner. I kept all my homework in one slot. Sometimes when I see a crumpled paper I asked myself if they have a trusty file.

My file served me well and it was time for it to say goodbye as the folders broke and of course most of the time we will throw the file, and i did the same. I'm happy that my file served me for 3 years

And of course I had to buy a new file, and I did. In school teacher gave out files that were used and still new, just then i relized that we should keep the files even if it is not in use currently and it might be useful next time.


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