Thursday, 3 July 2014

Modern Day

Done By: Jolene and Jiahui

These three pictures are singapore's well known tourist attractions and the first two taken at Marina Bay Sands while the last one is taken in the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. As you can see Sinagpore is a country that is developed. The MArina Bay Sands resort was offically opened on 23 June 2010. They have over 2000 available andit is also the world's most expensive building. As for the museum, the real name of it is "Art Science Museum". It is the world's first Art Science Museum and was opened on 17 february 2011. Now you can see you how modern Singapore is? So do you ever wonder about what is going to be  in the future? Look around you now. I already see amazing buildings that are uniquely designd. As for the future, I definately let my imagination run wild.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Book Review

                     The title of the book is Late Summer Rain (Wattpad novel) by Aubrey

           The story is about a boy named Ryan who has terminal brain cancer. His doctor suggested the would write a list of things to do before he dies. Ryan is popular in his school but when he started being honest about how he thought about people and that made people dislike him. One day he was sitting in the cafe and writing the list of things he wanted to do before he dies. A girl named Dannielle sat across him because she found him alone all of a sudden as he was popular. Dannielle asked what was Ryan writing about. Ryan was about to throw that paper away but Dannielle caught it and read it. Dannielle saw the 10th thing he wanted to do though it was erased but it was still visable. 10th "Fall in love". Ryan then asked if she would join him and do the list of things that he wanted to do. They spent time together doing all those things. In the midst of doing all that Ryan and Dannielle started to fall in love with each other. One day they went to a beach and Ryan was catching Dannielle and they fell and Dannielle was on top of Ryan. Ryan then said that that was the 10th thing he wanted to do "Fall in love". Suddenly, Ryan had a nose bleed and he started coughing he told Dennielle that he's going home. Dennielle thought it is werid that he reacted like it was very serious. The next thing Dennielle found herself in the hospital and Ryan's mother is comforting her. Dennielle found out the truth and she broke down into tears. The doctor said he has only a month left. Ryan and Dennielle spent their time together.

          My favourite part is that Ryan woke dennielle up 3am in the morning via throwing small rocks and pebbles.

          I hope that Ryan could fight the cancer and live happily ever after with Dennielle and get married.

         I would reccomend people who like reading about love storys

Friday, 18 April 2014

International friendship day

International Friendship Day

 3rd August is a special day, it is international friendship day. It is a special day where we connect with friends from other countries. On that day we learn more about their culture. There are advantages of cultivating good international friendship with other countries. 

  When we have a good relationship with other countries, they can help us when we are in need. they can provide us with our needs. Just like friends do.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

CT English corrections

CT corrections
Editing: Contractions

Block 552
Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10

30 May 2014

Dear Sally
How are you? I was glad to hear from you. In this letter I will tell you anout my plans for the school holidays in june since you want to know them. I enjoyed reading your letter about your plans. Hope you'll have fun.

Last night, when I was about to take the lift. I saw this brochure about some activities which are being organised during the school holidays. I have picked two activities from the brochure which I am interested in. I also plan to sign up for an activity which is not on the brochure.

The first activity I choose from the brochure is Relax with kids'Yoga. This activity is suitable for me as I'm tired from lessons and it can help me relax. The class includes storytelling and music and is led by instructors who will lead participants to regain your vitality and peace. One thing I like about this is that Yoga will help me relax and rejuvenate my mind, body and spirt. Doesn't that sound interesting? The lesson is on 9-11 June or 16- 18 June. It starts at 9:00 am and ends at 12:00 pm (x3 days). The fee is expensive but worth it. It is $120 per participant.

The next activity I want to participate is Ang Mo Kio Soccer Club Holiday programme. I want to participate in this becuase as you know I am the sporty type of person and I want to blow off some steam. I can pick up soccer skills as well as enjoy team building challenges. I wish you could join this activity with me. It's on wednesday evenings (4th, 11th, 18th, 25th June). For girls the time for the activity will be 4:30pm - 5:30pm. It is held at the Ang Mo Kio Soccer Stadium. It's free!

Now it is time for the last activity that I want to tell you about. It's ice hockey. You know how much I like watching Ice hockey. Now, I can learn and play ice hockey. How cool is that? It is held during the school holidays. The fee is expensive; it is $200. It is quite cheap as it is for three lessons per week and four weeks mean twelve lessons for $200. That's  cheaper than normal lessons.

That's it for my plans for school holidays. Hope you would come back to singapore from America to join me. Remember to write to me when you are free. Have a nice holiday.


Friday, 14 March 2014

English Reflection

English Reflection

Common test is over and I think I could have done better in my English common test. English is not my best subject, I know that, I will practise more and revise more. I think my English teachers have taught me well, now it is all up to me to work hard. English lessons are fun. Ms Foo taught my class the importance of speaking good English. I agree with Ms Foo why is it important. I like staying back after school to do school work. I do not know why I like it but I do. 

I could have done better for all my subjects if I had put in more hard work. Regret not putting more effort. Anyways the past is the past I cannot change it. 

Monday, 27 January 2014

Personal recount

Chinese New Year is around the corner. And there won't be school for a few days which means... Homework! Of course there is homework for every school days. Well the only thing I can do is to finish my homework fast and be free.

After I did all my homework the first thing I did is go out and hang out with my friends. We wanted to watch a movie so we went to a movie treatre. We thought the movie theatre will be packed but when we reached there and guess what, it was not as crowded then we imagined. After we watched the movie we went window shopping for a while. After that we went back home.

The next day, my friends and I went out together again. But this time we went to ice skating. It was the first time for most of my friends, so one of my friend and I had to teach them. 1 hour later most of us learned ice skating. To say the truth I think ice skating is easier to learn then roller blading. After that we went to have lunch all of us wanted to eat different things so we split up and ate lunch and met at a place after that. After lunch of course it was time to go home and we were all tired after spending the whole day outside.

Little India Riot Draft 2

Name: Lum JiaHui
Draft 2: Introduction/Conclusion

Dear Tom,

Hey Tom, how was school in America. Mom and dad miss you ,but of course I will not miss my annoying brother. Haha I was just joking, I miss you like mom and dad does. Oh by the way guess what? An incident happened in singapore. You will not believe what happened here. A riot happened in little india. And this is what happened. On the Dec 8 a private bus ran over a indian man whose name is sakthival kumaravelu,33. And Then After The riot happened.

I think it was a unnecessary riot. Why can't they just mind their own business. I feel angry as these things could have been prevented but they choose to do this. I feel the police came on time. And this is sometimes why police have to step in because some people just do foolish things. Okay I will stop talking if not i will get more angry.

Oh by the way how's Dad is he fine there? Write back to me of how you feel and you can search it up on the internet to find out more.Study well and take care of dad. I and mom will be visiting you during the june holidays.Bye!

Love, Jiahui