Monday, 27 January 2014

Little India Riot Draft 2

Name: Lum JiaHui
Draft 2: Introduction/Conclusion

Dear Tom,

Hey Tom, how was school in America. Mom and dad miss you ,but of course I will not miss my annoying brother. Haha I was just joking, I miss you like mom and dad does. Oh by the way guess what? An incident happened in singapore. You will not believe what happened here. A riot happened in little india. And this is what happened. On the Dec 8 a private bus ran over a indian man whose name is sakthival kumaravelu,33. And Then After The riot happened.

I think it was a unnecessary riot. Why can't they just mind their own business. I feel angry as these things could have been prevented but they choose to do this. I feel the police came on time. And this is sometimes why police have to step in because some people just do foolish things. Okay I will stop talking if not i will get more angry.

Oh by the way how's Dad is he fine there? Write back to me of how you feel and you can search it up on the internet to find out more.Study well and take care of dad. I and mom will be visiting you during the june holidays.Bye!

Love, Jiahui

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