Friday, 27 June 2014

Book Review

                     The title of the book is Late Summer Rain (Wattpad novel) by Aubrey

           The story is about a boy named Ryan who has terminal brain cancer. His doctor suggested the would write a list of things to do before he dies. Ryan is popular in his school but when he started being honest about how he thought about people and that made people dislike him. One day he was sitting in the cafe and writing the list of things he wanted to do before he dies. A girl named Dannielle sat across him because she found him alone all of a sudden as he was popular. Dannielle asked what was Ryan writing about. Ryan was about to throw that paper away but Dannielle caught it and read it. Dannielle saw the 10th thing he wanted to do though it was erased but it was still visable. 10th "Fall in love". Ryan then asked if she would join him and do the list of things that he wanted to do. They spent time together doing all those things. In the midst of doing all that Ryan and Dannielle started to fall in love with each other. One day they went to a beach and Ryan was catching Dannielle and they fell and Dannielle was on top of Ryan. Ryan then said that that was the 10th thing he wanted to do "Fall in love". Suddenly, Ryan had a nose bleed and he started coughing he told Dennielle that he's going home. Dennielle thought it is werid that he reacted like it was very serious. The next thing Dennielle found herself in the hospital and Ryan's mother is comforting her. Dennielle found out the truth and she broke down into tears. The doctor said he has only a month left. Ryan and Dennielle spent their time together.

          My favourite part is that Ryan woke dennielle up 3am in the morning via throwing small rocks and pebbles.

          I hope that Ryan could fight the cancer and live happily ever after with Dennielle and get married.

         I would reccomend people who like reading about love storys