Thursday, 3 July 2014

Modern Day

Done By: Jolene and Jiahui

These three pictures are singapore's well known tourist attractions and the first two taken at Marina Bay Sands while the last one is taken in the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. As you can see Sinagpore is a country that is developed. The MArina Bay Sands resort was offically opened on 23 June 2010. They have over 2000 available andit is also the world's most expensive building. As for the museum, the real name of it is "Art Science Museum". It is the world's first Art Science Museum and was opened on 17 february 2011. Now you can see you how modern Singapore is? So do you ever wonder about what is going to be  in the future? Look around you now. I already see amazing buildings that are uniquely designd. As for the future, I definately let my imagination run wild.