Sunday, 26 January 2014

Struggles And How I OverCame Them Draft 2

Name: Lum JiaHui
Draft 2 : Introduction/conclusion

Struggles And How I Overcame Them

Everyone has definately been through a major examination and had stress. And if you have stress when a major examination is around the corner, it is not a good thing. As stress can cause us to forget what we learnt. And so this is my story of how I overcame my struggles.But I did not overcome it myself. I had help. So let us begin my journey.

Primary 3 Math was not my favorite subject at all as I struggled to understand it and I did not know what to do. I usually get just pass or fail, this continued until primary 6. 

I had a new math teacher whose name is mdm Chan. Mdm Chan taught us math and her goal for us to get for any test is Section A:18 Section B:18 Paper 2: 18. And my class had only 3 passes who just passed. Months gone by and the class started to have more passes for tests, And Mdm Chan asked "This class had only 3 passes now most passed and there are some people who even got As for math. Now can you see the light?" My class nodded in happiness. Mdm Chan gave us test often and gave us just enough homework so that all of us can complete all the homework. She usually see what homework we have for other subjects and give us just enough. And I revised whatever Mdm Chan gave us to do.

After Prelim all of us passed and most of us got Bs, As and very little Cs, and that helped us a lot as that showed us hope. And we continued to do what Mdm Chan said and when PSLE was around the corner all of us were nervous. Mdm Chan then said "Those who did my work and listened, you do not need to be nervous I gave you all enough homework and all of you had enough revision. All of you will pass PSLE." 

And thats when I felt excited to finish PSLE and be free. So thats how I overcame my struggle. This may not be how I overcame it but this is how my teacher helped me see the light. And when I got stressed out I will remember remind myself that I am prepared for this.

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