Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Story Of My File Draft 3/ Final Product

Name: Lum Jia Hui
Draft 3: Error Edting
The Story Of My File

"This file seems familiar" Said Tom.
"Remember the file I bought 3 years ago?" I Said.
"Yes I do, hold on! This is the file you bought 3 years ago?" Said Tom.
"Yes I am still using it now" I Said.

I Reuse it as it is still clean and useable. My trusty file kept my homework nice and clean without any bends at the corner. I kept all my homework in one slot. Sometimes when I see someone have a crumpled paper I asked myself if they have a trusty file like I do.

Few days later, I met Tom at a book shop. He saw me and asked me why I bought another file. I told him that my file was not in good condition, as the slots of the file tore. And of course most of the time we will throw the file, and i did the same. I'm happy that my file served me for 3 years

In school teacher gave out files that were used and still new, just then I relized that we should keep the files even if it is not in use currently and it might be useful next time.


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