Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Biography Of Someone

Biography Of Someone

Hello and now I am going to tell you about my friend tze yung. She a great friend of mine. Primary 5 she came to the playground near my house and I saw her from my window. 

She was playing with her friends at the playground. And that usually happens everyday she comes at around 1:30 and leaves at 2:30 because her parents will ask her where she went and she was not suppose to go to the playground. And thats what people say strict parents may create sneaky children.

There was this particular day when she was playing blind mice she was on the ground and walking around the playground. And this incident happened she was under a stair and she hit her head on it and she bled above her eyebrow. I went down and checked to see is she was okay, and she did she bled a bit of blood and nothing serious. When I checked why she bled I saw a carving which had sharp edges and that is why she bled.


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