Monday, 27 January 2014

Personal recount

Chinese New Year is around the corner. And there won't be school for a few days which means... Homework! Of course there is homework for every school days. Well the only thing I can do is to finish my homework fast and be free.

After I did all my homework the first thing I did is go out and hang out with my friends. We wanted to watch a movie so we went to a movie treatre. We thought the movie theatre will be packed but when we reached there and guess what, it was not as crowded then we imagined. After we watched the movie we went window shopping for a while. After that we went back home.

The next day, my friends and I went out together again. But this time we went to ice skating. It was the first time for most of my friends, so one of my friend and I had to teach them. 1 hour later most of us learned ice skating. To say the truth I think ice skating is easier to learn then roller blading. After that we went to have lunch all of us wanted to eat different things so we split up and ate lunch and met at a place after that. After lunch of course it was time to go home and we were all tired after spending the whole day outside.

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